How to make a list

how do i make a list. trying to do it so i dont have to scroll up in my chat to see who lurking and if the say !lurk again it tells them they are already lurking or it just doesn’t add their account into the list again


Ehsankia’s quote list API can be used to set up a list that users can join by typing !lurk

Click this link. It will generate three links and two tokens, a public token (8 characters long) and a private token (16 characters long). The public token is located within the first generated link. The private token is located within both the second and third generated links. The tokens are found after token= and before &data=$(querystring) Copy them and keep them somewhere safe!

I set up 4 commands below: !lurk and !lurkp2 which work in tandem to add the user’s username the list or return an error message if the user is already on the list, !lurklist which gives a link to view that list, and !lurkclear (mod-only) which clears the list. Either copy and paste these commands into chat or add them through the Nightbot dashboard. Add the commands through chat only if you are sure no one else is there, otherwise they might see your private token (which is used to manage the list)! Replace PUBLIC_TOKEN with your public token and PRIVATE_TOKEN with your private token.

!addcom -cd=5 !lurk -a=!lurkp2 $(eval `$(urlfetch$(user)&no_id=1)`!=`$(user)`?`PRIVATE_TOKEN&data=$(user)`:` `)

!addcom -cd=5 !lurkp2 $(eval a=`$(urlfetch$(query))`;`$(query)`.includes(`PRIVATE_TOKEN`)?`@$(user) Thanks for joining the Lurk Squad. rooLurk`:`$(user) is already a member of the Lurk Squad. rooLurk`)

!addcom -cd=5 !lurklist Lurk Squad members list rooLurk

!addcom -ul=mod !lurkclear $(eval a=`$(urlfetch`;`$(user) has disbanded the Lurk Squad... rooLurk`)

thx man really help but lurklist says Missing “token” parameter

oh i alias lurk and lurkp2 but it does doesnt say im already in it and unalias them as well

i got it working i thought the token thing was a bunch a bs but thank u so very very much couldnt have done without u

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do think u can make me one where if someone types in chat they get removed from the list

Another command !lurkoff to leave the list:

!addcom -cd=5 !lurkoff $(eval `$(urlfetch$(user))`.includes(`Successfully deleted entry`)?`$(user) has left the Lurk Squad... rooLurk`:`$(user) You need to be a member of the Lurk Squad in order to leave it. rooLurk`)

it wont just says im still in it

im still in the lurk list and it wont leave me

Make sure that you’ve copied the command setup exactly as is and replaced PRIVATE_TOKEN with your private token before adding the command.

i have done that um i got night bot to remember it

put the token in wrong spot

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