How to get the lastest tweet link?

I already had this command
!addcom -cd=5 !RT $(urlfetch

But already shows this “Remote Server Returned Code 410”

So… Idk how to get a new command that already works and show me the link of the last tweet, I don´t want a command that show the last tweet

Hey @assafking!

I think the API might be broken because of how Twitter changed how developers can access their API, it got very pricey (thanks Elon). Or maybe the instead of using the API switched to But it’s better to ask the person responsible for the API you’re using, @Decicus any idea?

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You’re pretty much spot on, Emily.

Twitter’s API pricing is now a minimum 100 USD per month, with the next tier at 5000(!) USD per month.

Even if I was willing to pay +$100 extra per month for API access (I’m not), the 10000 tweets per month - or roughly 333 tweets per day - probably wouldn’t be enough for DecAPI in the long run.

There was a brief period where I tried to work around the Twitter API with DecAPI, but that inevitably stopped working too.


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