How to get a BetterTTV Tag?

Hey there guys, I’ve seen a Twitch member and he’s a streamer on Twitch as well.
I was wondering on how this streamer/Twitch member gets this?

He got a hock up he said in the Twitch Chat and he knows the owner of BetterTTV which is awesome to hear.

I was wondering how do I get the Profile Tag because I want one. lol
(named cfws in colour blue.)

Imagine I got the hock up that would be dope. If you know how I meant to get the tag that would be great!
Thanks for reading in your own time. cfws from Twitch.

If you mouseover the tag you will notice that it says “Grandfathered BetterTTV Swag Tag”; grandfathered meaning that it comes from something earlier on that was given out, but is no longer given out. I don’t what exactly you were told from the person with the tag, but they are not given out to users anymore.

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