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How to fix size of icons behind username for KapChat

If you look closely you see that for example, the broadcaster icon is a bit off the username text
How do I fix this?

Do you have custom CSS code? By default the icon is aligned normal:

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Yes, I have but only this code
.chat_line {
line-height: 35px;
font-size: 20px;

I have noticed that if I change the line height it changes.
I am wondering how I can change the icon size that it gets the same size with the username and all + having the space between each message. and thank you for the fast answer!

Gotcha, yeah you will have to adjust the badges size with the line height, I just posted here how to:

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Thanks for the awsome help!

And funny that you posted that 15 min ago Lmao

Hehe, yeah the timing was perfect!

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