How to disable the emote showing after typing the emote in text

it started like a week or 2 ago and everytime i try to type a channel emote with tab completion it shows the emote instead of the text. when i type half the text of a emote and press tab it shows a emote and if its the wrong emote i have to tab through all the emotes related to the text or delete it but i cant edit the emote. its like mobile twitch where typing LUL will show the emote instead of the text but on desktop. i see that there is no sources of this problem on the internet so i had to ask here. so far i do not think that bttv, ffz or 7tv extensions is the problem. If anyone has this same issue maybe you could comment here too so that i know its not just me. if anyone knows how to turn off or disable the feature? please do comment thanks.

This feature was added by Twitch and BetterTTV currently doesn’t modify this feature (to my knowledge). I’m not certain if Twitch added a way to disable this feature.

oh so does everyone else have the same “feature” ?

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