How to create WarzoneSbmm Api?

I want to create a custom api to fetch the rankings of the last 5 or so games from

I just cant seem to figure out how to get their data into .json format.
I would be very grateful for any help with this.

Hiya, you will probably need:

However not sure how they decide the tiers, in the matchStatData property you can find the averages of the teams/players.

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Hey! Thanks so much that’s crazy useful do you mind me asking how you created such a link which returns that json data?

Ok so sorry but how do I access matchStatdata it returns matchStatdata undefined when I try to access it with
$(eval api=$(Above Link);
k=matchStatData.playerAverage; avg: ${k})

Got it!
k=api[1].[matchStatData.player](matchstatdata.playerAverage; avg: ${k}) for anyone wondering

Glad you figured it out. How I find the links, I went to the page you posted, when inspect element the page and go to the ‘network’ tab you can see which requests are made by the page (f5 when you have the window open), one of them was the one I posted.


Ok thanks very much! Im new to web development thats extremely useful.

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