How to be rid of spotify songs?

I recently discovered that I could add spotify songs to my nightbot,
and then I discovered that it automatically skipped those songs, I researched why and found that spotify doesn’t want to play nice with nightbot.
Is there any way to remove spotify songs from the playlist without wiping the entire damn playlist? Because that would be incredibly annoying.
Also, to the devs: Please add a little tag if people try to add a spotify song that says “Spotify doesn’t work anymore.” because this was very annoying.

You can remove individual songs from your playlist by going to and clicking the trash can icon next to the songs you want to remove.

Yes but that doesn’t help me determine what is a spotify song and what is not.

Spotify tracks link to Spotify’s website, so you should be able to hover the track names to see the link in your browser. Otherwise there’s not a way to just filter by provider at this time.

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