How to add uptime in YouTube, command for Nightbot

I want to know how can I add uptime in YouTube live chat a command for Nightbot.

Hey @JEDI_GamingYT!

Nightbot doesn’t support uptime for YouTube for now, so you’ll have to do without it, sorry.

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But I see streamer who use this command for showing !uptime

You’re seeing it used on YouTube? It’s normal if you see it on Twitch as Nightbot support !uptime on this streaming service, but so far it’s not supported on YouTube.

Maybe the channel you see using an !uptime command on YouTube is using a custom API with the help of YouTube’s API documentation, even though I did a quick search and I couldn’t find a way to get the amount of time the stream has been running, so this may be not an accessible data from the API, but if you find it, use $(urlfetch) to connect the YouTube API and Nightbot.

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