How to add more emotes in chat

When I downloaded BTTV, it added tons of new emotes like FeelsBadMan, ect. but I want to add more like monkaS or POGGERS, basically when someone types it I want it to show up as an emote instead of text, no matter what channel I’m watching. How do I do this? Thanks!

If they arent BTTV Global Emotes, they would have to be added to the Channel by the Streamer itself, BTTV itself does not have (to my knowledge at least) a setting, that makes every emote show up for you even if the Channel doesnt have it added.
The only way i would know you could try to do it would be with other Extensions for your Browser, that make Twitch and BTTV Emotes work on every website, but it would then only be visible for you, everyone else in Chat still only sees the Text

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