How to add line breaks in a command with nightbot

I want to put in the same comando two name and two urls, like this:
Name: URL
Name: URL
But I don’t know pe how to add a line breaker

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Hi, Twitch doesn’t seem to support line breaks in messages.
In this comment here suggests an alternative way to send multiple links that could help you :slight_smile:


Hey @D_SlayerR!

Good solution @notjoker28, however, that API is dead as of now (not sure where @RokettoJanpu went).

Use this API instead, don’t check the Already encoded option.

Thanks Emily :slight_smile: btw is there a way to see if API code still works without implementing it into my own chat? I don’t want to be sharing links that don’t end up working

In the context of getting Nightbot to do an action, not really, I spend my time creating !test commands that I immediately delete once I’ve finished working on it.
Here the website happens to be down as well, but it’s not always the case, an API could just be removed while the website still looks fine.

If the API is returning you data to exploit tho’, instead of an action for Nightbot to do, you can test it with Postman beforehand.


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