How to add custom command that shows for how long your stream has been offline

I have seen in some channels that when you type !uptime it will show you for how long the stream is live but also if the streamer is not streaming it will show you for how long the stream has been offline.
The stream has been offline for 12 hours and 50 minutes.
The stream has been live for 5 hours and 30 minutes.
So the thing is that I’ve found a command to be able to show for how long the stream has been live but when you type !uptime while the stream is offline it says “The channel is not live.”. I want to say exactly for how many hours the stream has been offline. Anyone can help me out how I can do that?
Thanks in advance!

We do not have the ability to show stream downtime because there’s no way to get the last time a channel was live via Twitch’s API, and we’re not going to track and store the status of channels.

Alright. Thanks for the fast answer.

The !uptime command you may have saw was just for a closed group of streamers and used with Nightbot’s CustomAPI command.

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