How to add commands "Playing With" NightBot

So i’m trying to add a Playing With commands that can be changed by my Moderator. This commands for explain to the viewers who i’m playing with now. Does anybody knows how to make it work?

You could just do something like

!addcom !playingwith This game I am playing with (name of person) 

And whenever you change who you playing with you can edit it

!editcom !playingwith This game I am playing with (the name of the next person)

Thanks for the response.

Where should i enter that command ? Does it go directly in Custom Commands ?

Yep, If you want to add it through than you can put this as the message
“This game I am playing with (name of person)”

You can also add or edit the command anytime through chat by typing this:

Reading this could help you a bit more :slight_smile:

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