How to add a starting number to night bot?

so i accidently messed up a counter command in nightbot. I want to readd this feature but can i make it start at a set number and start to count from there?

I’m not as versed in Nightbot as I am StreamElements, but this is what I did in SE for a channel I mod in - you might be able to translate it.

Our sub count command during a subathon was:

CAW CAWWW~ Another crow has joined the murder! We've had ${count <sub> +1} sub(s) so far. Grab your snacks and get cozy - it's gonna be a long stream ayoacrJuice

We also had this command for when we added one too many:

Nano has ****ed up. Don't mind her! Let's just sweep this under the rug like the rest of our problems... We've had ${count <sub> -1} sub(s) so far.

And then we used this command to reset everything after hours:

If any of y'all see this, turn a blind eye. Nano is rocking the degen hours and has decided to do her job for the first time in her life ayoacrJuice Clink to our future selves~ Sub count has been reset to ${count <sub> 0}.

I have also used the third command format to set the counter to another number in the past. Example would be: ${count <fall> 19}. This would set the counter for the <fall> variable to 19. If you would, for instance, use a ${count <fall> +3} command afterwards, the <fall> counter would return 22, etc.

I’m assuming you can specify different count variables in Nightbot as you can SE. If that’s the case, I would make one specific command (either to be deleted or turned off later) to set your command to the number you need, and then proceed as usual with your counting command (+1, etc.). It might also be beneficial to set a subtracting command (shown via format 2) for the future. Hope this helps!~

Hey @sillynapkin!

Once you create a command with the $(count) variable in it and call it for the first time it’ll add a field for the counter in the commands dashboard for the specific command, you can edit the counter value there.

Alternatively, if you’d like to do it without going to the dashboard, you can use commands for it:


So if your command is called !test and you want to set the counter value to 20:

!editcom !test -c=20

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