How often does Nightbot sync discord roles?

It’s meant to sync regulars to give them the regular role and VIP’s to give them the VIP role in my discord and I updated it about 20 mins ago. I know thats not long but I know with the twitch integartion for twitch subs which im also using on the server u can force it to sync. Does nightbot even work with the discord integ since while im typing this i see a lot of posts saying it doesn’t?

Providing the parameters are met, it should work just fine. In saying that, I’ve seen an increasing amount of people saying it isn’t working. @night have you seen any issues with the syncing?

Nightbot syncs active chatters in your Discord server every 15 minutes. Those active users will need to have their Twitch account linked to their Discord account for Nightbot to sync the role to them. Additionally, Nightbot’s role must have permission to manage roles and must be higher than the role you’re trying to sync.

You can manually assign the user the role if you want to “force” it. Assuming the server is properly setup and the user is linked to Twitch from Discord, Nightbot won’t remove their role on next sync.

im having a similar issue just with sub roles on my discord server.

i have checked and for some reason my subs are not getting the appropriate role despite all things being as they should.

it is also removing subscriber roles from people that are subbed to the channel? i don’t understand this at all

Hey @phantomglitch!

Have you read the post just above yours?

Same thing if on YouTube.

Can they be active chatters in any channel? Is it just 1 message that will allow the roles to sync or does it need to be more?

Nightbot does not sync subscribers. Discord has native integrations with Twitch + YouTube to sync subscribers and channel memberships.

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