How i set userlevel for an alias command?


I added two commands:

!addcom !opgg -ul=moderator $(eval a=“$(querystring)”;if(a){a=a.split(‘%20’);b=a[0];a.splice(0,1);‘LoL Stats, Record Replay, Database, Guide - OP.GG parameters.’;}:wink:


!addcom !faker -a=!opgg -ul=everyone kr Hide on bush

But the User Level of the !faker command didn’t change and i can’t execute that command with non moderator account.

Can you fix it?



Hey @el_chanfle!

Your !faker command, which userlevel is set to everyone, calls !opgg as an alias -a=!opgg, which means !faker calls !opgg right after !faker’s code was executed, but users who call !opgg need to be moderators as it’s the userlevel specified for the command, therefore so do users who call !faker.

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