How do I see a log of Nightbot's responses

Hi, is there a way to get a log of just the responses / messages nightbot writes in my last stream? I heavily use the !songrequest command and I want to quickly look at all of the requests my viewers submited. I’m asking for nightbot’s response specifically because when I look at the log and search for !songrequest I do see everyone’s suggestions but they’re all urls. I want to get a list of the succesful additions to my queue just by name. Thanks

Hey @willfox125!

You can use a Twitch command for this:

  1. Go to your moderator page:
  2. Type /user Nightbot

You’ll get every messages Nightbot sent.

thanks for the reply
I actually stream on YouTube not Twitch. how do I do this there?

Ah, would have been better to specify that at first, I looked on Google and I only found a Twitch channel with your username so I assumed that’s where you streamed.

In the case of YouTube I don’t know if it’s possible: Nightbot doesn’t log its own responses and I don’t think there’s a way to see every messages sent by everyone as the broadcaster.
Unless someone corrects me, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t seems doable.

It would be nice if we could get Nightbot to log its own responses even within the app for this reason, maybe in a future update. Would be useful for warning purposes as well.

Hey @BWA_Switch!

If by “warning” you mean timeouts, then there’s a way to check these:

I saw that! If there was a way to get a full list that would help a bit. Our chat can go through 11k messages or more in a day, so at times that list of 5 may only last for 2-3 minutes lol.

Another thing that would be extremely helpful is if you could sort or search the chat log by username, unless there is a way I am unaware of. I sort of have a way of doing it in the chat itself if I press Ctrl+F, I can search that way. But again, it only goes back 5 or 10 minutes at best.

I’m referring to YouTube of course. Maybe one day we’ll get all those nice search features that Twitch has!

There’s no way to see a log of Nightbot’s outgoing messages currently, but that’s an interesting idea. For searching by username, you should be able to search by YouTube channel ID already (not username or display name).

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