How do I make an individulal counter for each viewer?

I’m trying to figure out how to add a !streak command? Every time somebody joins they can use !streak to keep track of how many times they have been in the stream each day. If they miss one day, then they lose their streak. If anyone knows how to do this please help :wink:

This should be possible but first I wanna clarify a few things. So do you want it day based in that as long as your streaming and its a new day they can input !streak so if you did a 2hour stream from 11pm to 1am that could count as two. Or do you want it’s stream based every new stream you can use it and only once if you disconnect and reconnect or something that will count as two. Or limit it to only once every 24 hours while streaming.(Side note this may not be the best option due to it being hard to track if they missed a stream or not) All these options will require 2-3 commands and one timer atleast 2-3 depending on whether or not you want viewing your streak to be a separate command.(I recommend them being th same option so it will update the API) So answer back and I’ll try to make a command for you. Also just thought of it but it could go by the day the stream was started instead of the current day for the first one

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Yes I am looking for a command that counts the streak for every stream. For an example if I do 2 streams in one day. It will count as 2 points?

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Ok so you want one that every time you start a stream it counts as a new streak? I’ll start making it later when I get some time

this is just so this doesn’t close lol. Really want to see the end command

Alright thank you so much I really appreciate it

Sorry for the amount of time it took to make this and reply but what you want should be here but please note I was only able to do limited testing so feel free to contact me on here or discord with any issues. [Custom API] Streak counter based on new stream start

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