How do I make a command that returns the amount of time a viewer has been subscribed to the channel for?

I found this thread on Nighdev about this exact topic but i still can’t manage to get it to work :frowning:
Some guy posted this link "[1]+has+been+subbed+to+[0]+for+[2]&token=TOKEN " and said it return the amount of time a person has been subbed for it, but how do I use this link? WHere do I put it? If someone could write the command down and give it to me that would be grately appreciated!

  • BLaz

Sadly that command you mentioned is down, and it doesn’t give accurate results anyways. Twitch doesn’t have a good way to get the subscriber lengths that they personally use for things like resubs and badges, the api just returns when they subbed, so if their sub dropped and they resubbed (with something like twitch prime) the gap where they aren’t subbed messes up the customapi

Oh i see. thanks for your answer!

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