How do i fix the !game command and !title command

the !game command keeps saying fishyender5 undefined for the person all the mods tried it even the streamer what do i do? the !title says Nightbot was unable to authenticate with Twitch’s API. The channel owner may need to login at [https:/ /nightbot . tv](https:/ /nightbot .
tv/) to fix this.

Sounds like you need to log into the Nightbot dashboard at

i have tried several times to part nightbot and make it rejoin so has the channel owner

Hey @fishyender5!

In that case, it’s not making Nightbot part and rejoin the channel that will work, as the error message states, you need to log into the dashboard, if you’re already logged in, log out and log back in.

i am going to try it but idk if it’ll work but lets see

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