How do i create the !dick or !cocksize command in nightbot, if someone could explain from start to finsh that would be so helpful!

I would just like the code and how to set up from after you select “add command” for the !dicksize or !Cocksize command i think it starts with $(user)'s cock is (then it generates random number) inches but i am not exactly sure. Any help would be so appreciated!

lmao, um, i’m not sure if that’s against twitch’s tos, so i’d be careful with that… but this’ll do it for ya…

$(user)'s cock is $(eval let maxSize=69,minSize=5;let size=Math.floor(Math.random()*(maxSize-minSize))+minSize);`${size} inch${size==1?``:`es`}`)

and u can set a minimum and maximum size (currently set to 5 and 69) prior to the second “let

Hello tiwosslave, Thank you for the code, If it is fine with you, I am going to change some words to be more appropriate for my chat. Once again thank you for the infomation, and happy coding.

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Hi there! I will double check to make sure it’s not against their rules, i have seen other streamers use it thats where i got the idea. My next question is, do i copy and paste this code in the area that i would put my link when i create the command? Total noob so i have no idea. Also, if i want to put in some extra words at the end like “inches long. I know, I’ve seen it!” would i put them in after inch$? or would there have to be more coding? TIA!

If you add the command through the dashboard, copy the code they provided and paste it in the Message field.
If you add the command through the chat, paste the provided code after: !addcom !commandName (replace commandName with the name you wish to give the command).

To add “long,” put it after the } that follows inch$: […]inch${size==1?``:`es`} long`)
or after the very last ) of the provided code: […]inch${size==1?``:`es`}`) long

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