How do I create a !hook command

I am looking to set up a command on Nightbot where when you type !hook USER it will trigger $(user) has hooked $(touser)$(query) - type !unhook to unhook them! I then want the option of someone in chat being able to type !unhook USER to unhook them.

If there can be a timer included where if they are not unhooked within a specific period of time they “die on hook” that would be useful too

Hey @loomesy1984!

Sounds like a fun idea, but this can’t easily be done with Nightbot, especially with the timer, I think making a custom API for this would be your best shot at making it an actual thing.

How would I go about it with the Custom API method?

Making a custom API means that you write code to host on a server, then you execute that code thanks to $(urlfetch).

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