How do I change punishment (deleting messages)?

So here’s my situation. I’m testing out the link-blocking feature on Nightbot.
When an offender posts a URL, the bot deletes their message with the URL in it. Yay!
But the bot also deletes… every message they’ve ever sent.
When it comes to punishments for something as innocent as posting a URL, that’s way too harsh.
But I don’t see any way to change that punishment in the settings here. Please help me with that part.
P.S. I’m ok with sacrificing “timing out the offender” if that’s necessary, just instruct me on how to do this.

Hey @afterglowampharos!

Please see: Can Nightbot be setup to delete only the message with a blacklisted term? - #2 by EmilyPerrimon
There’s no way to change the punishment, sorry.

That’s not true. I’ve been in Twitch channels, which use Nightbot, where people have had their links deleted by bot, but they didn’t have ALL their messages deleted.

I’m sorry, but no, this isn’t possible with Nightbot, you’re confusing Nightbot’s links spam protection, and Twitch’s hyperlinks block chat option.

Using Twitch’s hyperlinks block option, is there a way for a mod to !permit a user for a short time, getting around said block?
Because I’ve been in Twitch streams that both do that and didn’t delete absolutely everything from first offenders.

Nope, sorry, not that I’m aware of at least.

Big doubt here, what’s happening in a chat with bots is often unclear if you don’t know how the commands are built, or the settings of the channel. Nightbot can’t do that, and I don’t know any other bot that can.

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