How do i add "gambling"

I’ve been using NightBot for, not a lot of time.
And Im trying to find a way to make a gamble command.

Gambler123: !gamble

Nightbot: @Gambler123 won 58 coins!

Gambler321: !gamble

Nightbot: @Gambler321 lost 48 coins!

If there is a way to do that, please help me with it!

Something like that requires the functionality of storing people’s points/currency and such, which nightbot doesn’t natively provide. There may be a really complicated way of doing it with nightbot, but you’re better off using another bot entirely for that, such as stream elements.

Hey @Quote!

As @critscan mentionned, Nightbot doesn’t offer support for such feature.
I just wanted to add that if you wanted to use channel points as coins, this won’t be possible until Twitch provides an API endpoint to those.

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