How can i see my emotes on the Shared Emote option

Hello there!

Currently i have 50/50 emotes in my Emote tab, but those i cant use in other peoples channel.
I’ve seen screenshots were someone has the Emote 0/15 and a Shared Emote 0/15.

Since i’ve been browsing around and have vague knowledge of the tool, so wanted to ask if i have to pay the monthly fee in order to have the Shared Emote option on the Emotes tab.

Thank you

Hey @Bris!

What you’re looking for is Personal emotes if you wish to be able to use some emotes in any chat, regardless if the streamer added them to their chat, and for that, yes you need to get BetterTTV Pro.

Sharing your emotes will allow any other streamer to add your emotes to their channel by browsing the Shared emotes, and that feature is free; for that you need to click on the emote(s) you want to share, and check the Sharing box.

Also, Shared emotes and Channel emotes are now displayed together in the dashboard, there’s no separation made anymore.

Ahhh i see i see so its the Pro version. Thanks alot for the quick response Emily!

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