Horrendous problems with nightbot not working

Had my twitch username changed by twitch when I got partner and since I have had nothing but problems with nightbot, here are the steps I have personally taken to try to fix the issue.

Removed nightbot from my connections and reconnected.
Logged out and back in of my account to regrant permission.
Made nightbot part channel 4/5 times a night when it will work initially for around 10 minutes per time.

The odd thing is folk can still request songs and sometimes it will log whats going on in my channel but others it won’t, besides when I initially part it from channel and have it rejoin it will not post any commands back into the channel, but if folk request songs it will add them to the actual queue.

It isn’t really possible that Nightbot will only work for periods of time on Twitch. It’s more-or-less all or nothing. Are you sure Nightbot is a moderator in your chat? If it’s not a mod Twitch’s AutoMod will restrict its messaging.

Its a mod in my chat, I tried modding and unmodding as well, and while you may think its not possible, its actually happening, like todays stream, it worked for 3 minutes then didn’t work again after that, I’ve tried parting it from channel and pulling it back in so many times, it works initially for a few minutes then stops working.

I’ve looked at your chat logs at https://nightbot.tv/logs and it looks to be reading chat, which means it is in the chat. Can you explain how you are determining that it is not working? What does “not working” imply? Keep in mind that commands have cooldowns, and if a command was just used it cannot be used within that cooldown. Make sure you configure cooldowns as desired, since they default to 30s.

No timers work, and no commands work, I test the commands and use different ones to determine whether its working, which it isn’t. Usually if someone requests a song for example it would return the song name and what position it was in the queue but it returns nothing.

Or if I click sub, or lurk, or prime or any of my commands nothing is posted by the bot. And its not recording chat all the time, there is days missing, but I have been parting and unparting it from channel to try get it going, absolutely no success though.

Happened again tonight, works inititally then stops working its in the channel, its a mod, I’be parted it from channel then re added it.

Do you have a video, timestamps, or chat logs demonstrating the behavior you are seeing?

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