Highlights working normally live, but not on VODs

As of yesterday, I’ve started to have a problem where the highlight message feature works perfectly on live chat, but not on VODs. It’s a problem that started simultaneously across all browsers on my computer.
It was working perfectly fine two days ago, and it doesn’t appear to have been the result of an update on anything. All other BTTV features work perfectly.

*This may or may not have a connection to another problem I’ve started having with Twitch a couple of months ago, where sub badges also only show in live chat but not in VODs. I bring this up because perhaps it’s not a problem on BTTV’s end, but on Twitch’s end. I have no idea, honestly. Furthermore, I was never able to fix the badge problem, so I just gave up on it.

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I started having the same problem at around the same time, with blacklists too. They work fine in live chats though, same as with you.

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Hey @Hmurdock and @syllvem!

I believe this is being discussed internally, but for any BetterTTV bug report, please open an issue on the GitHub.

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