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it worked before, but with the highlight words now in bttv menu, it does not work anymore and if people tag me with my localized user name its not highlighted anymore.is that a know bug?

my localized username on twitch is 首をかしげたくなるような

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Could you try uninstalling BetterTTV in your browser and reinstalling it to see if it works?

Let me know if it works by replying to this comment.

uninstall and reinstall did not help but i noticed after reset to default and only adding my localized name as highlight works. then i tried import an earlier backup and it did not work again. so i removed and manually added all my highlight words. now it seems to work xD


Hey @antic666!

The update messed a bit with highlights and a fix being worked on. As you noticed when you reset the highlights it highlights your username by default, it’s a new feature to make the extension more user-friendly to newcomers.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the reason why when you imported your previous settings it stopped working is because they overwrite everything. I suggest exporting your settings now so when you import them again in the future it’ll work from the get-go.
Props to you for experimenting by yourself before saying that it didn’t work, too few people do this, so thank you!

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