Highfive bot/w custom responses

hey guys, currently i am trying to create a command where i type !highfive and it does a 0-100 roll and it has 3 responses: 1 = critical failure (ill make a custom response), 1-99 (my channel leaves you hanging) and 100 is (my channel) gives a crisp high five and you feel mighty satisfied. ive currently spent around 2 weeks on it but i dont have much understanding of the nightbot api / coding. any help creating this would be much appreciated. i would plan on re-purposing this bot later too for other projects and fun interactive chat games

Feel free to edit the responses in this code.

$(eval a=Math.floor(Math.random()*101);a>0&&a<100?`Nope.`:(a==0?`Critical failure!`:`/me gives $(user) a crisp high five!`))

thanks man, this is legit perfect for what i was looking for :smiley: legend

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