Hide username in Kapchat issue


Trying to hide a specific user on kapchat, which is my renamed moobot (I use nightbot in conjunction). Nightbot hides perfectly in my kapchat with the kapchat toggle setting, but my other bot ‘bitterbot_’ still remains.

I looked around and found instances where this code was used:

.chat_line[data-nick=‘Chat’] {
display: none;

I tried this (replacing ‘Chat’ with ‘BitterBot_’) both at the bottom and top of the browser source css window in OBS. My ‘bitterbot_’ account still shows up every time, when I use a ! command, for example.

Am I doing something wrong with the code input? I looked for a discord for help but didn’t find one found it. Any help would be appreciated.


Hiya, that should be the correct syntax yes:

.chat_line[data-nick="xgerhard"] {
    display: none;

Have you tried the username all lowercase?


hey xgerhard,

all lowercase did the trick! thanks so much for the help, really enjoy the responsiveness of the team here.


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