"Hide Twitch Extensions" Not Working

Recently, Amazon/Twitch added this super annoying overlapping Twitch Prime subscription reminder extension that everyone and their dog is using (as if we’re so inept we couldn’t remember to use it every 30 days on our own and/or just check every now and then by clicking the Twitch Prime button just above the player)…

It has an option to make it partially not visible, partially, but it literally resets every session (so any time you leave that stream), AND it doesn’t make it entirely invisible, as it’s still visible and irritatingly placed in the bottom center of the player anytime you mouse over the player, constantly pestering me about TWITCH PRIME! DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR TWITCH PRIME! OMG, TWITCH PRIME! YEAAAH, TWITCH PRIME, SUCH AN AMAZING DEAL! COME ON DOWN AND USE YOUR TWITCH PRIME!

I have the BTTV option “Hide Twitch Extensions” ticked on, but it doesn’t have an effect on this new extension. Will BTTV be updated to properly hide ALL overlapping extensions eventually? Or, is this here to stay?

Here’s a screenshot where you can see my BTTV setting and the reminder box and its setting: