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Hi, I would like to create a command, help me please

good evening I’m an Italian novice streamer on twitch, I wanted to create a command to play with followers in chat, the bot should read some numbers in the chat and if the number is very close to or equal to the number I set a winning message appears, and immediately after that he has to give a specific number of channel points to that person who won, is it possible to create such a program?

excuse me in advance but I don’t know in which section to put the post

thank you in advance for your reply and thank you very much

Well twitch doesn’t support a way to add channel points to users so that’s off the table but you could use nightbot giveaway feature on the nightbot website to have people entered into a giveaway

thank you for the answer, but giving channel points is the last point and the last of my problems … mainly the bot should do this "the bot should read the numbers in the chat (written by the followers) and if the number is very close or equal to the number I set, the winning message appears "
(number chosen by me = 12)

nightbot: The lottery is starting:
guess the number.
followers1: 10
followers2: 14
followers3: 11
followers4: 11:99 (or even 12)

nightbot: congratulations “follower4” you guessed it, the number was …

Well you could add a command named 12 in that instance and whoever activated it first wins
You would probably want to do it through the dashboard so no one could see
Or you could use the giveaway system nightbot already has

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