Hi, i need to track/analytics on how many times command was used

Hi, as a streamer team we’re thinking of a solution here.
We need transparency on who raided who and we’re hoping chat logs might be the way to go.
Maybe Nightbot might just be the right tool that we were looking for

Our task is to have reports/accessibility to see who raided who in twitch
Lets say we have command in Twitch chat /raid person1

We need that command to be shown in chat logs so we could see it later.

However, when we add /raid person1 to custom commands, it doesn’t show on a chat pannel, therefor it’s not showing in chat logs.

We didn’t see any used commands on a dashboard with /raid even if we chose them as custom as well.

Any solutions how to track raids using Nightbot? Any other ways besides custom commands?


Sorry but Nightbot doesn’t track these types of analytics. A custom solution would be required to track stream events such as raids.

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