_HF and similar for BTTV

for context, there is the channel point redeem on twitch so you can get altered emotes e.g. a horizontally flipped version. Those then can be used with e.g. XYZ_HF. I wonder if that is also possible with BTTV, as I was not able to figure out how to do that.
Assuming that is not possible, would that be in the scope of BTTVs wanted functionalities? Cause I would be interested in trying to implement that. (though I am not sure if I’d be able to pull that off any time soon)

fw Warmy

Hey @Warmy!

Good news, you can already do what you’re looking for!

Add the following modifier code before a BetterTTV emote code to:

  • w! β€” widen the emote
  • h! β€” horizontally flip the emote
  • v! β€” vertically flip the emote
  • z! β€” remove the space before the emote

Please note that there must be a space between the modifier code and the emote code.

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hi, thanks for the reply! =)
I tired some things with this, am I correct that this is a feature only present in the BTTV extension? So if I use that and it looks good to me people with other extensions (that just have BTTV emotes activated) will see my messages as β€œw! {replaced emote}” instead of β€œ{replaced wide emote}”?

fw Warmy

Yes. It depends on the other extensions, if they implemented the feature or not.

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