Help with count command with multiple response variants

I want to ask about the possibility of a command like this. I can set up a simple counting command easy enough, but is it possible to use a counting command and have it have multiple varying responses that all still count the uses of said command. What I mean by that is this


  • Command is used 3 times - “streamer died 1 times” “streamer died 2 times” “streamer died 3 times”…


  • there would be multiple randomized possibilities for a response that are continuing the count uniformly

EX: “streamer died 1 time” “Again? that’s 2 times” “streamer has died 3 times” “here we go again, thats 4 times”…
and so on alternating through the possible bank of responses while counting in numerical order

Sorry not only am I like a newborn to code in general, but I’m also pretty bad at explaining things. I hope this makes sense, and if not just let me know

Hey @danger_x52!

You definitely can do something like this, here are two topics to help you:

Try to figure it out yourself, let me know if you need help.

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