Help with commands

Hello, please forgive yet another command thread. I’ve searched and can’t seem to figure this out.

With Nightbot, on YouTube all of our commands work including new ones added. On Twitch, the already created custom commands work. The issue is !commands (set to mod level) do not work (other default commands work fine) and any new custom commands (set to everyone) we add also do not work.

Nightbot is in chat on Twitch and is modded and has joined the channel. Any ideas what’s wrong?

Thanks for the help!

Hey @M83!

Make sure you’re logged in with your Twitch account, then go to your default commands and make sure !commands is enabled.
By the way, you don’t really need to set !commands’ userlevel to Moderator, non-moderator chatters can’t add/edit/delete a command even if !commands’ userlevel is set to Everyone, when the !commands userlevel is set to Everyone, non-moderator chatters get as response from the bot a link to the commands list, hiding sensible information, it can be useful for your chatters to learn which commands they can use in your chat, only set the !commands userlevel to Moderator if you don’t want your chatters to have access to your commands list (they still can get it by typing the correct URL in their browser tho’).

Then, regarding the custom commands that don’t work, if you add your commands through the chat and !commands was disabled, then the new custom commands weren’t added, make sure that your new custom commands were actually added.

If you need further help, please provide the Twitch username with which you’re having issues.

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