Help with API command - too many characters

Hello… Need a little help. I am trying to create a command for Nightbot (on YouTube) so he would show Near Earth Objects each day. Something like the picture I linked…

- but something like if I say !neo he would write the Near Earth Objects for the day. The page on that pic has the info from here: - but YouTube is horrible because it won’t allow more than 200 characters. It’s like mission impossible atm… Anybody can help?

Hiya, 200 characters should be plenty enough to list a few of these near earth objects?

The page you linked has the data available for example:

But you will need to strip that data and convert it into something readable.

A friend was trying to help too. He found also this: - but all we got was " undefined". :sleepy::+1:

Hey I just wanted to let you know I got this going for ya - I’ll get in touch with you in the Stream.

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