Help with a crypto command

Hello, can someone help me with a crypto command, i want something like this “$(eval x=$(urlfetch json; try { Ultima actualización: + x.time.updated + | Precio: 1 Bitcoin = + x.bpi.USD.rate + $ } catch(e) { " " })” but with SHIBA and DOGE crypto, it is possible?

Hey @Jota!

They don’t track Shibacoin on that website, but you can have the value of Dogecoin, sure, you just need to use a newer version of their API, however, they don’t seem to open it to the public directly, so they don’t guarantee support, which means if there are any changes on it, it could break, at any time.

$(eval d=$(urlfetch json; d=d[d.length-1][1]; `1 Dogecoin = ${d} USD`)

do you know if there is another website/api for shibacoin?, thx for dogecoin i appreciate it a lot

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I don’t know any, no, otherwise I would have suggested another one, but I’m not into cryptocurrency.
Just look around the web, if you can find a website that tracks Shibacoin, there likely is an API we can use.

okay thank you so much for helping me, i’ll look around for shibacoin


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