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I get a lot of messages on the twitch chat with / donated me that are fake, I would like to know if I could answer this troll with 2 commands when he sent donated … the nightbot responded with / donated ban to (user) and in this he run the command / ban (user), I wonder if this is possible in the nightbot

Hey @KimbMF1!

I don’t fully understand what you’re trying to achieve, but commands starting with a / (slash) or a . (dot) are reserved for Twitch, so it’s not advised to use these to start commands, prefer using an ! (exclamation point) instead for example, and Nightbot doesn’t have the ability to ban people.

troll: donate 10 dolars
nightbot: no fake donates he
nightbot: /ban $(user)

as the nightbot will be 1 moderator of my channel, he can use / ban even if the bot itself does not understand, after all he will only be typing this text

I don’t let the donates appear in the chat … so other viewers end up calling me to the fake donate, which creates embarrassment for me

Sorry if I haven’t been clear enough, but Nightbot can’t ban people, even as a moderator, it just can’t use Twitch commands other than /me, it’s a security.
If it’s really an issue you can have a look at the blacklist words filter, however, know that if you blacklist the word “donate” no one will be able to type it in your chat (except for mods+).

thanks, I’m trying to do just that right now, but apparently the word donate is not banning in my sentence, just in the beginning

I understand you want to ban the word only if it’s the first word, but the blacklist words filter will affect every message containing the word “donate”, wherever it is in the sentence, that’s why I don’t really recommend doing this, but since it’s an issue for you I had to suggest this solution.
The best solution for you is to either ignore the trolls or address the issue once and for all. And you can also add a donate command, a bit like you wanted to do, explaining that it’s not what it looks like:

!addcom donate SOME_TEXT

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