[HELP] Specific response to $(touser)

Hey, good morning

I need to help with a command, again.
There is a way to nightbot give a response when someone tag any user;
But if someone tag a specific user he will give it another response?

Thanks <3

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Something like this will give a normal response and a response for a specific user

$(eval decodeURIComponent(`$(touser)`)==`specific user`?`special response`:`normal response`)
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Hello @RokettoJanpu!

Sorry to jump in, I just found that very interesting. Is it possible to have more specific users? Thanks! :heart_eyes:

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Very possible, I rewrote it to be flexible for adding more users.

$(eval a={"user1":"msg1","user2":"msg2","etc":"etc"};a[decodeURIComponent(`$(touser)`)]||`normal response`)

Thanks so much! Appreciate it! :heart_eyes:

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@RokettoJanpu Thanks <3

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