HELP! Song Request - User level Subscriber

Hi, I am trying to control the song request user level and would like it so, Subs, VIPs and Mods can use this function.

VIP and Mods have the ability in chat to request at the moment, but for some reason its not picking up people viewers who are subs even though I have set the userlevel to ‘subscriber’.

Does anyone now how to get this working correctly?

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Hi, Try doing the Nightbot Troubleshooting
Also check that the related commands here and here have the correct user level.
Perhaps this post below might also help you? :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, clearly I had the user level for the command set to VIP (not sure how) but have changed this now to Sub. so hopefully this should now work.

Appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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