Help on creating a condition based on date command

Hey, I need help on creating a different response based on the day, something like if the person type !birthday it will say “it’s not my birthday”, except on april 20th, when it’ll say “it’s my birthday”
but i dont know javascript :frowning:

first of all… fantastic b-day ^^
and yeah, i’ve made a few that’ll give a count down to the next b-day until the day and then wish the streamer a happy b-day… so for what u want, it’d go something like this…

!addcom !birthday $(eval let d=[$(time YOUR_TIMEZONE "M,D")];d[0]==4&&d[1]==20?`it's my birthday`:`it's not my birthday`)

and just change YOUR_TIMEZONE to a proper timezone that can be found here

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It worked perfectly, thanks

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