Help me pls! can i make a nightbot copy message from user?

Can i make ightbot copy message from user?
In my chanal if you want to request song, You will need to send 25 bits for that, and now my user send bits for request songs to many time and i tired to copy YT link so much, You can help me? :sob:

User: cheer25
Nightbot: !sr

Nightbot can copy only YT link and use !sr command for request song?
How to mak commands like that, Help me :sob:
Sory for my bad eng

um, there’s a few different ways i can think to try and do that… the easiest all the way around would be to make one or more cheermotes be the command… for the example given, u could make a command called “cheer25” with a response of…

request $(query)

and then alias it to the “!songs” command… oh and don’t forget it has to be the name of the actual emote… like “cheer25” not “!cheer25”

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Thx so much, But it not work. Because bot can’t use commands !sr by himself,
Will there be a way to make bot can use command ?,
Or should I create bot in chat for that.

did u alias it to the !songs command?.. not to !sr, but to !songs

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I’m so sorry, I forget alias in bottom of create commands page. AND YES IT’ WORK!! :partying_face: :partying_face:, But now i have a new problem. A commands !sr still activate. my user can avoid a command cheer25 and them use !sr for songrequest when I wasn’t looking chat page, Can i delete
other command and use only cheer25 for songrequest ?

as long as it’s in the custom commands list, yes u could delete… or u could set the user level higher, like to owner or mod

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I will try this in my next live stream. Thank you very much for your help! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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