Help making a reset command

Im trying to figure out if I can make a reset for this counter I found since the reset it gave with it doesn’t seem to work. Any help is greatly appreciated.

!deaths $(twitch $(channel) “Streamer has died in {{game}} $(count) times.”)

The proposed reset is

!deathadd -c=0

Ive of course tried making a simple !deaths of "Streamer has died ’ " times, but i think im trying to do too much and have no clue how to make all three work together. I know there are other !counter and !addcounter and !resetcounter combos but i find I really like how the first posted counter reads in chat.

forgot to change the -c=0 to -c=-1 since the counter needs a variable and such but yeah even doing that did not change the outcome.

Hey @RowdRus!

Have a look here: Having trouble setting up death counter - #2 by Emily

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