Help in custom commands

I just started a twitch channel, and I’m getting into the custom commands.
I made a command that does this (for example):
If I type !setgo, the message is “from now, ‘go’ has been set to $(query)”.

Now, I want to make it so that if someone writes !go, they’ll get the $(query) of the last !setgo message.

How can I do that? Thanks!

And explanation will be even better, so I can learn more.

This is possible but you cannot have the the message of !setgo that you want. For the setgo command you can type the following commands in your chat

!commands add !go test
!commands add !setgo -a=!commands edit !go $(query)

Anytime you use !setgo, !go will be whatever you typed in after !setgo. This is done by !setgo using an alias of !commands edit, to edit !go (which is why you need to create !go before you use it) to be whatever you want.

You can also add -ul=mod before the -a=!commands if you want !setgo to be moderator only.

I also got another question, I’ll be more than happy if you’ll answer :slight_smile:
So what I want now, is a set of commands:

  1. for mods - !givepoint (user) - I want this command to give a point to a certain user.
  2. for everyone - !points - will show the user’s amount of points (the one who typed it).
  3. if possible - !points (user) - will show the user’s amount of points (the one that’s written in (user))

Your last explanation was great, I understood everything, so if another explanation can be provided… I’ll be very thankful :smiley:.

P.S: You said that ‘edit’ can be found in the !commands (that was in the alias). Where can I find a full list of the commands in !commands (like ‘edit’)? I can’t seem to find it :confused:.

Nightbot doesn’t currently have a loyalty/point like system to add/remove points to users.

A full list of default commands is available at: