Help creating a command

I have being trying to figure out how to make the following command and I’m having 0 luck!

I would love if chat can type !deck and the reply reads …is playing : … and after the colon I can programme it to read whatever I put after either !deck or !setdeck.

For example I would type !setdeck Burn and then !deck would read …is playing : Burn. And the word/words after !setdeck can be anything at all and !deck would read it.

Thank you in advance!

Try this

!addcom !setdeck -a=!editcom !deck $(channel) is playing: $(query)

!addcom !deck $(channel) is playing:

I assume … is the channel name but if not feel free to change it.

Amazing thank you I shall try adding those now!

Would I just make a new custom command and add them as “messages” or should I add them another way?

You can just type what I put into the chat it should work.

ah okay sweet, and NightBot will just recognise and add them to commands?

EDIT - I tried but nothing came up after I copied into chat :frowning:
2nd EDIT - OH DAMN, I realised that !commands was disabled so I enabled it and it worked!!

Thank you so much for your help friend! That helps so much, I hope you enjoy your month!


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