HELP! 8ball command doesnt work?

Hi, I tried making the 8ball command with this (down below) and when I try the command all nightbot says is “:8ball: Invalid or unexpected token” Please help!

!commands add !8ball :8ball: $(eval const responses = [‘All signs point to yes…’, ‘Yes!’, ‘My sources say nope.’, ‘You may rely on it.’, ‘Concentrate and ask again…’, ‘Outlook not so good…’, ‘It is decidedly so!’, ‘Better not tell you.’, ‘Very doubtful.’, ‘Yes - Definitely!’, ‘It is certain!’, ‘Most likely.’, ‘Ask again later.’, ‘No!’, ‘Outlook good.’, ‘Don’t count on it.’]; responses[Math.floor(Math.random() * responses.length)]:wink:

You’re using ‘’ instead of ` or ’

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?? Im confused I dont see instead? Sorry I don’t know much about Nightbot or code.

You are useing

‘ and ’ 

While you should be using

' ` or "
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Got it. Thanks a ton.

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