Having Auto-Theater Mode on causes bugs

I should start by saying that Auto Theatre Mode works fine for me. However, starting just a few days ago some bugs have popped up.

-When entering Mod View, the background is automatically Dark Mode even when Dark Mode is not enabled.
-When pressing any buttons on a profile below the stream (“Videos”, “Schedule”, etc), it only shows the Stream that would normally be playing behind the profile. I have you press Esc in order to get out of it.

It was today that I found out this was caused by the Auto-Theater Mode feature. These are minor bugs that don’t matter much but I figured I’d still make a post.

This picture is that 2nd bug. When I move the cursor over the stream no buttons show up at the bottom.

Hey @st3v!

To report BetterTTV bugs, use the GitHub, please check that no one has already opened a similar issue before.

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