Guess a random number command

Okay, so I can’t find any forum posts or ideas of how on earth I could do this, but basically, I am looking to make a random number guess command, where users could use “!guess [number here]” then after 5 or so minutes, it will make a list of all the guesses where I could find the closest to the number.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

u don’t want the bot to know the number and automatically tell them if they got it right?.. or maybe even if they r close to correct or not?

Hey @videvelops!

If you want the number to guess to be randomly generated after each correct guess, the only way I could see that being done is through a custom API of your own that you’d need to code, because Nightbot doesn’t have memory unless it’s hard-written in the command and then it can’t automatically be updated.

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