Google apps script

I know it’s possible to make custom apis using google apps script because I’ve seen in different channels commands whose links have that domain, i just can’t figure out how it works or how to start.

If any of you have experience using google apps script, leave some hints on how to use it please

Im kind of new in this so I might sound ignorant

Hey @lllkidlll!

If you consider using Google’s Apps Script it means you have some basic understanding of a programming language, you’ll need to use their REST API with $(urlfetch). That said you should be able to do most of what you want with $(eval). Also check out the forums, we covered a lot of topics, some will help you, I’m sure of it.
We won’t help further as we’re not Google’s support, and it’s not our job to teach programming languages.

Edit: I’ve been told by a couple of friends my answer might sound harsher than I meant it, if so I’m sorry, this wasn’t my intent. If you need resources to learn a language to make Nightbot commands, you’ll need to learn JavaScript, you can start with W3Schools’ course on JS, or MDN’s, I recommend starting with the first one, and use MDN’s reference once you gained enough knowledge.

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