Giveaways from user in chat

I have to question the random generation of users in chat. I do 3-5 giveaways per stream (based on users in chat that have chatted in last 5 minutes). And the same people keep winning over and over. The losers are telling me it is “fixed” and are blaming me. I have noticed on another big streamer that does giveaways the same way that he has the same issue.

i have everyone set to the same luck. No one gets an advantage.

What can be done to improve the randomness of the user selection?

uh, yeah, i’ve seen such issues with several bots… what i suggest to the streamers i mod for is to use “marbles on stream” to pick the winner… it lets everybody see the names listed, it’s not even possible to rig it and it gives a bit of entertainment along the way :wink:

p.s. just don’t use “grand prix mode”, that mode has an option to “!boost” your marble so it’s not just random

Thank you, I just checked that out. The users cannot control the marbles, correct? So it is better at random generation?

correct, the only “control” they could have is if u go into grand prix mode… that mode has a command they can type called !boost which if u put a number after it, it will make your ball go faster or slower depending on the number (many people dunno this is the case and think !boost works in all modes, but it’s only in grand prix mode)

I tired it out yesterday three times. One of the people that always won the nightbot giveaway won one of the marbles games…lol…cant make this stuff up. 40 people each marble game. crazy

lmao, wow, that is crazy XD

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